Empowering Sustainable
Solutions Growth  Systems Impact

Impacting communities, economies, and global systems through innovative, sustainable solutions that drive positive change.

Our Commitment:​

Impact Model

We our address pressing social and environmental challenges while unlocking economic opportunities that our network can leverage with solutions.

Experiential Events

Social Experiences that provide Purpose and Connectivity

Innovative Tech Solutions

Bringing Dependable App Solutions to More Humans

Environmental Social Governance

"Sustainable practices for a better future."

Land & Agriculture

"Better farming practices cultivating sustainable landscapes."

Eco - Networking

Building Better Bonds through Aligned Networking

Social Proof Initiatives

"Fostering tangible change through social initiatives."

Our Partnerships

Innovative Tech Solutions

Sustainable Living through LOVE APP

The research plan for the LOVE App is designed to address the multifaceted challenges of homelessness by leveraging innovative technological solutions. Our goal is to create a comprehensive, user-centric platform that not only connects individuals with essential resources but also facilitates community collaboration to combat homelessness effectively.

Engaging User Experiences w/ ROI APP

ROI APP, or Return on Investment Application, is an innovative platform designed to drive business growth through a data-driven approach. It facilitates collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing among small and minority businesses by hosting select themed events and social experiences.

S.M.A.R.T APP for Sustainability

The research plan for the SMART App aims to revolutionize the landscape for small businesses, particularly those led by minority entrepreneurs. By leveraging technology and community-driven strategies, the SMART App seeks to enhance accessibility, foster collaboration, and provide essential resources for sustainable growth.

Impact With a Return

Measurable & Profitable

Discover a model that combines measurable impact with attractive returns for investors, advisors, and partners alike. Our approach ensures that every investment translates into tangible results, driving positive change while delivering financial rewards

Leveraging Tech for Social Good

"Embrace the power of technology with our cutting-edge initiatives. From AI-driven business solutions to blockchain-enhanced transparency, our tech innovation projects aim to streamline operations and enhance decision-making processes for small businesses. These advancements not only drive economic success but also generate significant social impact."

Community - Centric Development

"Our mixed-use transitional housing projects deliver impactful community transformation. By providing emergency shelters, transitional housing, and affordable homes, we address homelessness, veteran rehabilitation, and substance abuse recovery. These initiatives create a safe and supportive environment, fostering social cohesion and economic stability."

DE Global One Network

Collaborative Community Support

"Our Partnered Resource Network offers extensive community support, connecting you with local organizations, businesses, and nonprofits; a wealth of resources."

Strengthening Connections for Greater Impact

"Leveraging expert partners to expand our impact. Providing the tools and support needed for you.

Empowering Through Partnership

"Our collaborative network empowers others by providing access to essential resources and connections. Benefit from a wide range of services designed to foster growth, from educational programs to community initiatives, all tailored to help you thrive."

ROI Experieces

Themed Networking Socials

From retro game nights to cultural festivals, each event is designed to bring professionals together in a fun, engaging environment. Build better bonds and expand your professional network while enjoying unique, memorable experiences."

Immersive Experience Days

"Experience the thrill of our immersive experience days, where professionals come together to engage in themed activities that blend fun with purpose. Each activity is designed to strengthen bonds and inspire collaboration while supporting community impact projects."

Community Impact Projects

"Engage in community impact projects that make a tangible difference. Our ROI Experiences connect you with like-minded individuals to collaborate on initiatives that address local challenges, enhance social cohesion, and create lasting positive change in your neighborhood."

Renewable Environmental Resources

Renewable Energy Integration

"Our sustainability projects prioritize the integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, into community infrastructure. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, we not only lower carbon emissions but also create a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations."

Sustainable Agriculture Practice

"We champion sustainable agriculture practices that promote environmental stewardship. By implementing advanced techniques like crop rotation, organic farming, and water conservation, we ensure long-term food security and soil health, benefiting both the ecosystem and local communities."

Eco - Friendly Building Initiatives

Our eco-friendly building initiatives designed to minimize environmental impact. Utilizing green building materials, energy-efficient designs, and sustainable construction methods, we advocate for resilient structures that support environmental sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of urban development."


DEG1 is holding company; we built a network that exchanges ideas and resources to create diverse and innovative opportunities.

It is a space for leaders to build meaningful relationships outside their wheelhouse, share knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals who are action-oriented and highly stout networking.

No, this network does not have an open participation opportunity. It represents dependable individuals with integrity from diverse industries and niches that desire to make an impact and do good business. You must be referred, invited or introduced by a current network member.

A 16-week interactive program accelerator platform with a curated focus to directly assist B2B & B2C operations of small business founders. MiPA focuses on comprehensive programming to increase revenue, digital marketing, mentorship, growth tactics, and development of credit, grant & capital funding.

This series of events will provide experiential networking themes, full spectrum conversations and plethora of resources from a variation of industries and social influences. The “I” is for IMPACT!

ROI is all about the impact and the betterment of communities, economies and the bonds that help us build it.

Laila’s Love Initiative (LLI) is a federally tax -exempt 501 (c) 3 organization, committed to developing flexible transitional housing solutions & resource programming in select communities across America; focused on community development projects, renewable resource programming, and sustainable living practices. LLI supports workable living habits for low/moderate families and the process of “reigniting” honorably discharged veterans, victims of injustice reform, substance & domestic abuse patients, and single parent families.