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Creating a more equitable economic norm with a group of elite leaders and doers who actively contribute to empowering communities, economies and global systems with innovative sustainable solutions that make tangible impact.

Nationwide Growth Impact

Our Network is Growing!

We are dedicated to enhancing the influence and success of our members. Through a variety of tailored programs and unique opportunities, we strive to provide the tools and resources needed for growth. Our commitment is to ensure each member can maximize their potential. Together, we are creating a lasting impact on communities and industries.

Building BetterBonds and Relationships

We are building better bonds and relationships with business industry leaders, connecting them with like-minded professionals they don't normally associate with. We operate on the values of creating an impact with a return!

Grant Assistance
Members get full access to comprehensive grant funding assistance (a $699 value). This resource will help you find and apply for all types of funding and has opportunities for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
Learning Opportunities
DEG1 offers multiple opportunities for hybrid learning, including webinars, trainings, social events and experiences. These events are free or discounted for members.
Network Access
Access to our network is one of our most cited benefits. Other opportunities to connect at our Social Experiences and online collaboration through our in-house Slack.
Promotion and Collaboration
DEG1 prioritizes our members in our communications and speaking opportunities. We love sharing our members' work through blog posts, newsletter features, and the launch of the "4 Pillar Podcast." We also encourage our members to utilize their skills and experience in various dynamics of our work.
And More
We're continuously adding new programming and member benefits, like exclusive discounts, a national impact events calendar and more!

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