Lack No Longer.

No equity needed; a vault of resources, and a community that supports you day in and day out well after the program ends.

Pre-Qualification Audit Process

16-week commitment

Backend Operations Assistance

Private, Group & Open Sessions

Office Housing Provided

23 Themed Experiences & Events

Nationwide Perks & Benefits

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What is MIPA

A 16-week interactive program accelerator platform with a curated focus to directly assist B2B & B2C operations of small business founders. MIPA focuses on comprehensive programming to increase revenue, digital marketing, mentorship, growth tactics, and development of credit, grant & capital funding.

Our Mission

Providing an "Impact with a Return" to business founders, their supportive communities and stakeholders.

MiPA targets the barriers to access, opportunity, and advancement that many minority-owned businesses face across America.
Assisting minority-led enterprises to stimulate their local economic geographics. Providing long-term solutions in underserved markets
Leveraging data-driven metrics to identify key opportunities for sustainable growth.
Aiding major brands and Fortune 1000 companies in enhancing their diversity in cultural values. Maintaining strong and effective business practices.
Encouraging practices that protect and sustain the environment. Advocating for inclusive practices for communities.
Prioritizing support for early-stage entrepreneurs. Ensuring our initiatives generate measurable impact and attractive returns for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Providing an “Impact with a Return” to minority-owned businesses and their communities, DE Global One Inc. explicitly targets the barriers to access, opportunity, and advancement that many face across America. We empower minority-led enterprises to stimulate local economic growth and support community development. By leveraging data-driven metrics, we identify key opportunities for scalable growth and long-term solutions in underserved areas. Our platform aids large brands and Fortune 1000 companies in enhancing their social impact and cultural value while maintaining robust business practices. We focus on innovative strategies, sustainable living practices, and strategic partnerships. Our commitment extends to promoting environmental stewardship, social inclusivity, and strong corporate governance. Through our comprehensive support and resources, we strive to foster vibrant, mixed-use developments and meaningful social experiences. By prioritizing early-stage entrepreneurs, we help build a sustainable ecosystem that generates measurable impacts and attractive returns for all stakeholders involved.

Our Vision

Diverse Founders

Bringing education and inclusive resources to redefine social equity

Solution Based

Properly prepared systems promote profits. That is the blueprint.

Economic Impact

The better businesses thrive today, the better future economies grow.

Your Next Steps...

Submit Your Application
The application process opens on August 1, 2024. Prepare your materials and submit your application early to ensure timely consideration. Don’t miss any future deadlines.
Complete Compliance Audit
Once your application has been submitted and confirmed you will be prompted to complete a screening audit. Please complete in a timely manner. You will have seven (7) days to complete this audit.
Qualified applicants will be scheduled for one-on-one interviews.
Next, eligible and qualifying applicant will be scheduled for an interview with an advisor. Interviews will be conducted virtually and may last approximately forty (40) minutes. You will receive a follow up response within seven (7) business days following interview #1.
Onboarding & Cloud Access
To kick-off, we bring the cohort together for an amazing day of connection and streamline onboarding. Software, weekly agendas, office access and insight to the 16-week expectations will be provided (October 7th, 2024).

Our Partnerships

MIPA provides knowledge and resources on a variety of topics that will assist in overcoming barriers that many minorities face.

MIPA Provides Assistance in

Project Scope

16 week Offering
Daily Brand Sessions
Mandatory Pre Qualification Audits Operational Expenses Assistance CRM + Lead Generation Growth System Software Access Assistance Weekly Group & Private Incubation Content Creation Sessions Weekly Reporting & Analytics Multi-City Perks & Benefits Large Mentor/Network Base

Join The Weekend

Social Impact

Support #SpreadTheLove

“From Heart to Heart: Laila’s Love Initiative Launches #SpreadTheLove Weekend, Empowering & Impacting Communities Across D.C.”  


Washington D.C., May 21, 2024 – Laila’s Love Initiative, a federally- exempt nonprofit with a focus on spreading love, kindness, and compassion through transitional housing resources and public services programming; proudly announces the #SpreadTheLove Weekend July 26th and 27th.  This national initiative consists of hosting events, activities and experiences servicing the community and creating noticeable impact with leaders.  This weekend will consist of a half day summit, rooftop celebration & community initiatives aimed at empowering individuals, families and organizations in the community. 


Your gender, racial and/or ethical identity. This includes – but isn’t limited to – women, non-binary, LGBTQIA+, Black, Latinx, Asian and Pacific Islander, and Indigenous American people.

  • You will be required to participate in a minimum 10 hours per week.
  • You will attend all scheduled experiences.
  • Accelerator participation Will operate from Jully 25th – November 3oth, 2024.

NO!  Negotiating equity is not an option to join the accelerator. We don’t want your equity. All cohorts will qualify based on their interview and audit process.  A sliding scale assessment will determine their fee.

Although this is a hybrid program.  All founders will have access to their own office space.  Not all activities and engagements are required to be onsite.  There is no personal housing for founders.

MiPA provides participants $20,000 to aid in the assistance of business growth and thier customer acquisition journey. This includes free product imaging services, marketing and brand development, and other services related to social media, press and media relations.
Business education and mentorship are executed by paid parties from the network of business mentors, including industry-specific experts and advisors.

  • Connect diverse Founders B2C | B2B
  • Contribute to sustainability initiatives
  • Initiative effective partnerships & collaborations
  • Serve founders and assist them in serving the community