Who We Are

DE Global One (DEG1) Inc. is a consultancy firm focused on initiatives and technologies to drive social impact and economic growth. DEG1 is empowering communities, economies and global systems with innovative, sustainable solutions as a DC-based firm originally founded in 2023.

Mission - Centric Business

Population Segmentation Analysis

Impact Measurement & Reporting

Investments & Opportunities

Building Eco- Systems

Economic Development Strategies

Thought Leadership and Field Advocacy

Our Investment Criteria

Discover our superior services

We provide high-quality, reliable and efficient offerings that provide great value. Our services also vary widely depending on your industry & business.

Investment Type

1. Debt or equity structures
2. Syndicated co-investment

Size / Stage

1. Mission-Driven: Businesses with impact embedded in their core model.

2. Early Growth Stage: Companies with evidence of product-market fit.

3. Profitability Path: Clear business plans for sustainability and profitability.

Impact Focus

1. Scale: Building a sustainable ecosystem and portfolio.

2. Access: Serving low-income or underserved populations.

3. Depth: Creating significant economic improvements.

Business Sectors

1. Energy
2. Logistics
3. Materials
4. Industrials
5. Consumer Discretionary
6. Information Technology
7. Financials
8. Communication Services
9. Real Estate

Our Services

1. Strategic Offerings: Expert guidance for growth and transformation.

2. Technical Offerings: Specialized support in risk and compliance.

Safety Compliance

Follow standard OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations for workplace safety, as well as regulations for product.

We provide strategic, transformational, and technical offerings in risk and compliance

Phase 1


We jointly evaluate whether your project makes sense to build with us.


We'll talk through your project and get you all the information you need.

Feasibility Study

A site assessment
An estimate for your project

Does it work?

If the project passes the Feasibility Study and the High-Level Assessment is in the ballpark, then we rock and roll.

Phase 2


We produce final drawings, secure building permits, and lock-in pricing for the project.


DEG1'S design team works with you to select a standard design or modify a design for manufacture.


We work together to secure zoning approval and create drawings for permits.

Construction Management

DEG1 assists you in creating a construction management plan, including a detailed breakdown of project scope and responsibilities.


DEG1 helps you refine selections to budget. DEG1 provides pricing after selections and factory drawings are approved.

Phase 3


DEG1 manages the project progress to competition.

Quality Assurance

Module frequently inspects the boxes during construction and relays updates to you.


DEG1 coordinates the delivery with the set crew and crane for installation.


DEG1 will coordinate the finishing.

Phase 4


DEG1 monitors utility performance of the home and occupant comfort, secure certifications, and coordinate warranty-related items.


DEG1 shares a complete warranty with you.


Your feedback is extremely important. DEG1 follows up at 60 and 360 days.